Ask Us: Why choose Noble Tech International OEM Vape Distro

You can enjoy one-stop and haggle free peaceful shopping experience with the satisfaction of authenticity & guarantee of original products whether its OEM/ODM (your personal brand) OR any other world class brand.

We offer a wide range of Disposable Vape models (all size & capacity) as well as Vape pod devices and related accessories. Most of themodels are designed in USA and manufactured in China.

We’re qualified, trained & dedicated to fabricate state of the art up-to-date products to bring you the ultimate joy of Vape.

With Continuous hard work and an effort of 5 years in the E-cigarette industry, we proudly and loudly say “Our products are worth your trust!”


Committed to offer best distributor and factory outlet prices to customers to help customers win their competitors and stand out in market!

Production Capability:

5,000sqm of dedicated space for production department plus workshop which employs more than 500 qualified and trained staff members including a team of 20 engineers with high qualification in Research and Development focusing the best development of new products along with another team of inspectors, a team who has zero tolerance and No COMPROMISE on quality control and random checking to inspect each product from the start to the end of process – Since the time we receive materials -- until the time of delivery.

Noble Tech International OEM Vape Distro

Noble Tech International OEM Vape Distro is the one and only to accept even small quantity orders and we can successfully export to countries and regions worldwide where no one has thought about.

Global Delivery:

we are in contract with shipping lines to make sure to get the lowest possible price globally and ship DDP service to make sure clients receive consignment at the door without hassle focusing safety and convenience.

Please “Allow us to spoil you with elite class services ” Place an order & Relax like a BOSS!


Working environment with you will make you feel like a friend and our service will make you feel as you are more than a business partner! We take all your words (before/during/after) an order very seriously and make sure it is clear and fully understood to provide satisfaction to the bottom of your heart. From conceptual design, actual production to final delivery.

Noble Tech International OEM Vape Distro has the ability, capability, strength and confidence to integrate all processes in one whole for a reputable customer like you. We believe you are not just a customer but you will be one of our worldwide partner based on mutual trust and benefits!